“People”: an installation by Kharkiv artists appeared in the center of Frankivsk with the support of blago developer

“People”: an installation by Kharkiv artists appeared in the center of Frankivsk with the support of blago developer

Recently, a new installation appeared on the hundred-meter highway in the center of Ivano-Frankivsk. It has attracted the attention of not only numerous city residents but also tourists.

The authors of the work titled “People” are Kharkiv residents Artem Kolosar and Tetiana Yurasova. The idea was brought to life with the support of blago developer, which not only cares about the city, but also supports talented local artists in every way possible. Such art projects carry a deep meaning and not only show the potential of the authors, but also the present of our Ukraine and its heroic people. Each work is a part of the history that Ukrainians themselves create.

“We were inspired by the existing works of art at the Burning man festival. Its main message is the symbolism of unity, love and belonging to the Ukrainian identity. Nothing will ever separate us, and we will overcome all difficulties with dignity,” say the authors of the installation.

The artists worked in the Kharkiv region. Frequent alarms and rocket attacks complicated the work. However, despite all the obstacles, it was successfully completed and transported to Frankivsk. Initially, the artists planned to name their work something completely different. The plan was amended by little Frankivsk residents who ran up to the installation during the installation. They exclaimed, “Mom, look at these people!” These words touched the authors and they decided to keep the name. In fact, children also partially became the authors of this work of art.

The interesting thing about the installation is that each person is looking for their own meaning in it. For some, it became a symbol of Ukrainian unity. Some people see the broken lives of children, young people and families who have been separated by the war. Others see it as an inner child who is always ready for reconciliation. For local jokers, the “People” have become a symbol of centralized and individual heating, convincing each other to switch sides.

Due to the situation with electricity saving, the installation is temporarily not illuminated. But as soon as the situation in the country stabilizes, the developer promises to turn on the lighting.

It should be added that this is not the first time we have worked with Kharkiv residents. The acquaintance with their works began with the Red Lion installation, which was placed near the Parus residential complex. The figure is 3 meters high and 7 meters wide. It was made of a metal rod, epoxy resin, metal and LED lighting. The costs of the work and materials were also reimbursed by blago developer.