U ONE is a residential complex created for the lucky ones.
They know how to achieve what they want and therefore are winners in life.
Striving to be leaders, they choose the best in everything and, of course, the best housing.
It is for such winners that we implement our new project in the Positron area.
To implement the idea, we chose a location that successfully combines modern infrastructure and home comfort.
The U ONE concept envisages the construction of a block-type multi-storey building with the right household solutions.
Residential gate area, children’s playground, landscape design, garages, panoramic glazing, 2 staircases and 2 elevators in each entrance, well-thought-out planning – all this will ensure daily comfort and enjoyment of being at home.
And the remote location from the highway will protect residents from noise and air pollution.
The existing infrastructure of the district will turn routine worries into exciting activities.
The largest shopping and entertainment establishments of the city are located near the house.
Residents of U ONE will be able to choose a different life scenario every day: enjoy staying at home, go shopping or take a walk in the Vovchynetsky Mountains.
Here it is possible to implement many interesting ideas in order to feel the spirit of freedom and personal victory.


  • pic
    Two elevators in the entrance
  • pic
    Developed infrastructure
  • pic
    Gate apartment area
  • pic
  • pic
    Proximity to green areas
  • pic
    High-quality metal-plastic windows
  • pic
    A 10-minute walk to school and kindergarten
  • pic
    3 minutes to Veles shopping center
  • pic
    Distance from the road
  • pic
    Heated floor, screed and heating
  • pic
    Convenient traffic junction

Planning of apartments


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