Паркова Алея
Паркова Алея
Паркова Алея
About Park Alley

The park alley is a wonderful residential area, created for the connoisseurs of comfort, nature and comfort, and  it is the embodiment of ecology and a true happy life.

The residential area is located near the main highway Nezalezhnosti Street and Tysmenytska Street, in a picturesque location on the shore of Bystrytsya Nadvirnianska.

The price of accommodation includes:

  • wall insulation, improved plaster,
  • supply of communications (gas, electricity, water supply, sewerage), gas meter, electricity meter, cold water meter, permit for individual heating,
  • the entrance door,
  • plastic windows,
  • stairways are laid out with ceramic tiles.

The housing estate consists of several residential quarters, each of which includes:

  • private yard, parking spaces,
  • playgrounds and sports grounds,
  • well with fresh water,
  • green space.

Peculiarities of the housing estate:

  • environmentally friendly area, picturesque nature
  • panoramic views
  • excellent connection with the central part of the city – routes of trolleybuses, minibuses passing through the housing estate, convenient traffic intersection for car owners thanks to which it is possible to reach the center of Ivano-Frankivsk within 5-7 minutes,
  • own housing infrastructure (we care about our residents, at the moment there is already a communication in the construction site),
  • 24-hour security will be provided,
  • near the residential complex there will be a Shopping Complex (12500 sq.m),
  • use of the latest technologies and high quality building materials,
  • new communications were carried out (electricity, gas, water supply, sewerage),
  • the latest lighting, energy-saving and purification systems are installed,
  • road and yard connections of residential quarters are paved with pavement,
  • installation of modern playgrounds and sports grounds (playgrounds, multifunctional sports field, training apparatus for weight-lifting exercices)
  • beautiful green spaces near the residential area and directly in the residential quarters,

Infrastructure: supermarket, shops, beauty salon, pharmacy, fitness club.

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    The residential area is located in the ecological part of the city near the river.
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    Restrained lines are combined with panoramic windows and modern perfection!
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    Functional apartment planning
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    Playgrounds and sport grounds are very important elements for the happiness and joy of children!
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    On the first floors of the buildings are provided with commercial apartments for the comfort of future residents!
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    A nice river is nearby.
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    High-quality plastic windows, six-chamber profile, double-glazed windows.
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    Developed infrastructure.
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    Not far from the river Bystrica Nadvirna
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    The transport stop is located just in 2 minutes walk from the complex
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    Garages and separate parking spaces for cars are required
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