IQ House

IQ House is a new income property near the center and 300 ultra-modern apartments for your own space, time and sensations.
When you buy an apartment here, you get a property that will work for you.
This is the most profitable investment with passive income, the value of which will only grow.
In the IQ House residential complex, we implement rational solutions for smart living: stylish architecture, individual heating, wheelchair and storage rooms, two-level apartments, an open courtyard with landscape design, a futuristic children’s playground and commerce on the first floor.
It is convenient to live here and profitable to lease.
And the demand for such housing will only grow, because the infrastructure of the area makes it attractive for moving.
Within a 1-minute walk are educational institutions, shops, a sports complex with a swimming pool, a sanatorium-prophylaxis and a promenade with access to the river.
And across the street is the University of Oil and Gas. Every student will dream of living in the IQ House residential complex.
The project of the complex will allow the implementation of business ideas in the field of services and maintenance.
On the first floor of the buildings there will be commercial premises for service companies, shops or coffee shops.
This is an opportunity to profitably open your business based on the example of European experience.
Income apartments are smart investments!


  • pic
    Monolithic frame construction technology
  • pic
    Individual heating
  • pic
    Smart apartment planning
  • pic
    Panoramic windows
  • pic
    Armored front door
  • pic
    Design halls
  • pic
    Two-level apartments
  • pic
    Storage rooms
  • pic
    The protective barrier on the A/C unit
  • pic
    2 minutes to the supermarket
  • pic
    1 minute to IFNTUOG
  • pic
    15-minute walk to the city center
  • pic
    5 minutes to the Bystrytsia river

Planning of apartments


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