Cottage estate
Cozy, harmonious, special!
Cozy, harmonious, special!

About Franko River Club.

Franko River Club is a cottage estate where each house has its own personal style without breaking the holistic perception of the whole complex as cozy, harmonious and special. The sophistication is felt everywhere: in the design of the facade, in the interior and in the landscape. It combines comfort with luxury, practicality with a dream.

The cottage is located near the main highway Nezalezhnosti – Tysmenytska, in a picturesque location on the shore of  the river Bystrytsya Nadvirnianska.

The cottage estate is located in a clean suburb, and relaxing by the nearby river will become a must-do family ritual. After all, you can spend countless hours looking at the flowing water, calming down and thinking of the pleasant things only.

The town is built in the style of “organic architecture” developed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright: panoramic windows through which life seems to enter with the first morning sunbeams; laconic and exquisite lines; facade in a discreet color scheme which highlights the bohemian elegance of the house.

Cottages with adjacent plots of 8 to 15 acres are separated from the neighbors by hedge. The area facing the road is surrounded by a brick fence, some fragments of which are made of wrought iron parts. There is an external solid fence made of decorative bricks around the whole estate. Spacious roads and sidewalks are paved with cobblestones, quality street lighting. All this emphasizes the uniqueness and success of its owners.

An important part of the cottage estate in general is its recreational space. You will find everything for every taste and need here. For children – a playground that is smartly designed for the little ones and compositionally organized for schoolchildren; for those who love water – an indoor pool where one freshen up after a hard day; spa area – for great appearance and relaxation; gym and outdoor sportsground – to maintain perfect physical shape.

Round-the-clock security will take care of the safety of your families.

Today, success must be accompanied by the impeccable appearance of a business person. Both women and men want to look well-groomed. After all, when you are beautiful, you are confident. Self-care becomes part of your daily routine. Therefore, the location of the spa salon and tanning salon in the recreational building of the cottage estate is very convenient.

Residents of all ages will be attracted by the sportsground, where you can have fun playing football, basketball, and volleyball with a friendly team. The sports spirit will be invigorated by the fresh air, which is especially clean by the river. And fans of tennis will have courts available where they will really be happy to keep themselves in shape.

Fans of training in the open air will be impressed by barbells, dumbbells, crossbars, horizontal bars, and p-bars, which will help them acquire excellent physical shape and train both mind and body.

We take care of the well-being and comfort of your family and offer:

individual design of the cottage;

recreational space on the territory of the estate;

convenient transport connection with the city center (500 m to the main road);

developed infrastructure.

We offer services on the interior design and landscaping on demand.


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    The cottage estate located in the environmentally friendly part of the city near the river.
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    The special style of “organic architecture” developed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.
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    Individual design of each house.
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    Playground and sportsground, indoor swimming pool, spa area, gym.
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    Maximum energy efficiency and functionality.
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    Sophisticated landscape design.
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    Best panoramic windows.
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    Developed infrastructure.
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    A nice riverwalk is nearby.
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    Video surveillance system, round-the-clock security.


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