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About Us

blago developer is an investment and development company that has been operating in the real estate market for 17 years and is one of the largest in the Prykarpattia. We have successfully implemented 6 projects that have become a model for the construction industry. All blago developer projects meet international environmental and energy efficiency standards.

We don’t just build square meters, but create separate worlds which there include everything necessary for the happy life of their inhabitants.

Currently, blago developer implements 11 projects with a total area of over 828k sq.m. These projects form a harmoniously combined ecosystem of technological, infrastructural, and emotional displays.

blago developer – CREATING YOUR WORLD!

years on housing market.
357.3k sq.m of housing delivered
ready projects
families bought dream apartment
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Our Mission

Company blago developer has been on housing market of Precaution region for 17 years, and it has succeeded in professional field due to hard work and indefatigable search of innovative solutions for realization the most ambitious project in house building.

Due to integrated approach to the building process, the company has already exceeded all bounds of ordinary floor construction, and it harmonically combines the ecosystem of technological, infrastructural and emotional demonstrations into one. Intuitive feeling of needs of the modern consumer, and also the ability to look into tomorrow thanks to innovative solutions and professional skills finds its reflection in unique company projects in which everyone can see himself self-fulfilling.

The philosophy of the company blago Developer is creating of not just square meters but creating of the whole world for a happy life of its inhabitants and our clients.

blago developer

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