About Us

blago is a technology company that creates an environment for complex high-quality life in the city.

For more than 20 years of activity, we have transformed from a developer to an urban tech company. We work with all areas of the urban environment and through technology make cities modern, comfortable and convenient for life.

+20 years of experience;
+5000 apartments have been commissioned;
37 projects are being completed.

100+k m2
was put into operation in 2022-2023
thousand m2 of real estate under sale
ready projects
families bought dream apartment
residential complexes


Our Mission

A mission of blago is to change cities.

To make them technological, comfortable and convenient for life. We strive to help you feel like a person of the new generation, living in a modern city, where everything is at hand and instantly available. We exist to develop technologies that will improve the future of urban life.