Being a real estate owner: most Ivano-Frankivsk residents live in the housing they own

Being a real estate owner: most Ivano-Frankivsk residents live in the housing they own

It is no secret that the purchase of housing has become a necessity №1 for most Ukrainians today. Residents of Ivano-Frankivsk are no exception. Rapid urbanization and a focus on European values have led to a situation when people keep trying to move away from the traditional for Ukrainians so-called large family (when several generations of families live under one roof) and have their own separate housing.

Therefore, the need to buy an apartment is most relevant for young people who start their own families and want to live separately from their parents, as well as for investors who want to make a profit.

However, some people prefer to rent an apartment. We suggest considering the advantages and disadvantages of owning and renting housing.

Renting an apartment

A rented apartment is one of the options for living separately from parents or relatives. Usually, a rented apartment is preferred by those who are not going to live in one city for a long period of time.

In Ivano-Frankivsk, the cost of renting a one-room apartment in a new building is about UAH 4500-8000. The price depends on the location of the apartment, its condition, what is included in the price, furniture, plumbing, etc. But in addition to the rental price, you will have to pay for utilities every month, and the figure will reach UAH 2,000 during the heating period. You will have to spend up to UAH 120,000 per year (4 years of rent is equal to the amount of buying your own apartment for $ 17,000).

Being an apartment owner

First of all, your own apartment means your own comfort and confidence in the future. In a rented apartment, there is always a risk that the owner will want to increase the price or change his mind to rent an apartment, and then you’ll have to look for other housing altogether. Of course, this will not happen with your own apartment. And filling your own apartment with expensive furniture, plumbing and decor elements is much more pleasant than doing the same in the rented one.

Buying your own apartment will not only allow you to save on rent, but also provides you with liquid real estate, namely an apartment that can be profitably resold or rented and will produce passive income in the future.

The developers currently offer apartments at different stages of construction. You can buy an apartment in a commissioned house and begin renovations immediately. E.g., in the Pasichna microdistrict, you may find three-room apartments ready for renovations available in Mistechko Soborne, where you can also take advantage of the installment payment program. Or you may choose the Manhattan district in the city center.

You can purchase square meters under construction and save up to 30%. In Ivano-Frankivsk, profitable prices are currently available on the apartments in the new residential complexes Family Plaza (city center), Chocolate (Siechenova Str.) and Comfort Park (Pasichna microdistrict) where sales just launched in sections 13 and 16.

Buying an one-room apartment from a reliable construction company like blago developer will cost from 363,800 UAH. This is much less than you have to spend for renting an apartment for several years. And if you use an installment plan, you first need to pay only the amount of the first installment (30%), and pay the rest during the period agreed on a case-by-case basis.

According to statistics collected by experts from the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine, 86.3% of Ukrainians own their housing today. Please note that this figure is quite high and exceeds that of many countries of the European Union.

You can buy an apartment in Ivano-Frankivsk from the reliable construction company blago developer in residential complexes Avtorskyi, Main House, Family Plaza, Chocolate, Comfort Park, Parkova Aleia, Manhattan district or Franko River Club cottage district, the elite complexes Royal Hall and Parus.