From the start of construction to finished apartments: where in Ivano-Frankivsk the largest selection of square meters is available

From the start of construction to finished apartments: where in Ivano-Frankivsk the largest selection of square meters is available

Finding a new home is an issue that everyone faces. Someone starts life in a new city, someone is forced to move by circumstances, and someone has started a new family and is settling into a larger space. Ivano-Frankivsk is one of the most comfortable cities to live in. That’s why it is so attractive for young families and even students to move to. According to blago developer’s sales managers, most clients plan to buy a home here in advance, but the number of those who need to move urgently is often growing. Let’s talk further about where in Ivano-Frankivsk the largest selection of apartments is located.

The blago developer company offers a wide range of real estate objects of various sizes, layouts, and readiness. For example, Manhattan is the largest complex in Ivano-Frankivsk, designed according to the latest global trends. The main goal of the project is to provide you with maximum comfort thanks to a well-thought-out infrastructure, comfortable adjoining territory, security system and reliable construction technology. The complex is located near the city lake and the historic center of the city, at the intersection of Lenkivskoho and Levytskoho streets.

Today, the modern neighborhood offers a wide range of housing at different stages of construction.

Apartments ready for renovation

In recent years, more and more buyers have been opting for ready-made apartments in completed buildings. The blago developer offers a large selection of ready-to-move-in apartments. Everything is very simple. You come for a viewing, choose an apartment, buy it, and start renovating tomorrow. Now in the modern Manhattan district, two- and three-bedroom ready-made apartments of various sizes and layouts are available.

The main advantages of such housing are:

– no risk of construction freezing, loss of funds, poor quality construction, etc;

– the ability to start repairs immediately;

– the ability to assess the quality of work;

– the ability to evaluate the view from the window;

– completed construction.

If it takes too long, you can buy a property with a ready-made renovation.

Its important advantages are:

– instant relocation;

– comfort

– lack of stress;

– profitability;

– trendy design.

The company cares about its customers and tries to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Apartments at the start of construction

If you are an investor or the purchase of an apartment is not urgent for you, the developer offers to purchase real estate at the start of construction. The start of apartment sales begins at the stage of excavation. Everyone can buy real estate at a nice price, as at the initial stage of construction the cost per square meter will be the lowest, and then it will only grow. The difference in price between the beginning and the end of the sale can range from 20% to 40%. Therefore, on average, with such a purchase, you have the opportunity to save up to 30% of your money, as well as make changes to the layout of the apartment and watch your dream home being built.

Choosing an apartment in blago developer is easy! After all, in addition to square meters, the developer offers a unique loyalty program, bonuses, after-sales service and many pleasant surprises.