From Economy to Elitka. Feel the difference!

Khrushchev or Khrushchev – this choice of housing has long remained in the 80’s. The modern real estate market opens to buyers absolutely all cards, including trumps: economy, comfort, business, smart apartments or trump “elites”. All possible housing classes are presented by Blago developer. However, to win your party and choose an apartment to your liking, you need to be guided by the rules. So let’s lay out all the options.

Economy class

Economy housing is considered the cheapest. Therefore, buyers should be prepared to use typical architectural solutions with typical design and inexpensive materials in the construction process. Generally, construction uses prefabricated (panel) technology, masonry, and sometimes a monolithic frame type of construction. The business card contains small kitchens, bathrooms and balconies. Large number of one-room apartments (average 30 m 2 ), two-room and small three-room apartments.

Comfort class

Comfort-class apartments combine the convenience of the business class and the affordability of the economy. A slightly higher pricing policy provides advanced, standardized, redevelopment planning. The comfort class is characterized by thoughtful and varied layouts with dressing rooms, several bathrooms, balconies or loggias. If there are no special requirements for materials in the economy category, there is a special quality control for the comfort class. High-tech methods (monolithic frame, ceramic brick) are used here. Comfort-class apartments are one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments of medium size, as well as studios. Kitchens in most apartments have an area of ​​at least 8 m 2 . In the residential complexes of the comfort class there is an internal infrastructure with everything necessary for the convenience of the residents – pharmacy, supermarket, fitness center, etc. In Ivano-Frankivsk, such apartments are presented in Soborne Town, Comfort Park, Park Alley residential complex and construction of new residential complexes of comfort class – «Family Plaza» and LCD «Chocolate» begins.

Business class

Business-class apartments are luxury accommodation. Here everything is thought through to the smallest detail, from the location to the level of the security system. Business-class residential complexes are usually built on an individual project, according to a certain architectural design. Such houses are usually located in the central areas of the city. The new business class homes include both small-space studios and four-, five-bedroom apartments. The “business” category is characterized by high quality engineering equipment, panoramic windows, interior design, high-speed and quiet elevators. There is its own operational service and an autonomous boiler room. Convenient planning, concierge and security are the keys to comfort and home security. You can see this by visiting the Main House , « Author ” or the modern Manhattan residential complexes.

SMART apartment

SMART in residential real estate is the best fit for your needs. There is no “bloated footage” or “long corridors”. Each meter is used functionally for maximum comfort. Buying a SMART apartment gives you a kitchen, a living room and a bedroom, that is, a functional one-bedroom apartment. In addition, construction companies that implement such projects pay great attention to infrastructure development. Buying a SMART apartment – is ideal for self-sufficient young people with a clear life-style, for young couples or the elderly. The Manhattan residential area is one of the best modern projects in Ivano-Frankivsk: original concept, good location, reliable developer.

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Elite class

The real estate of the elite class differs, first of all, by its location. Luxury apartments are built mainly in the central part of the city, but away from traffic. Everything is considered here: location, infrastructure, environmental friendliness of the materials, layout of the dwelling. The window view is one of the main pricing elements. Luxury apartments are available in different areas. Owners may not worry about security, as their apartments are under video surveillance and security around the clock. Underground parking and quiet elevators are required. Residents of luxury properties do not know what electricity or water supply problems are. After all, they are equipped with the latest technology. “Elitki” build on an individual project. They are full of interesting design solutions and options: tennis courts, swimming pools, lakes, supermarkets, private schools, etc. Prominent examples of luxury housing in Ivano-Frankivsk are Parus, Royal Hall, Franko Ri cottage