The best time for buying an apartment in 2021

The best time for buying an apartment in 2021

Since the spring, new buildings continue to rise in price and stir more interest among those who plan to buy a home in the future. The long-term pandemic, in turn, also causes some adjustments in the activity of the real estate market. What is happening now with new buildings and is it worth buying an apartment right now?

Pandemic as an impact factor

The decline in number of Covid cases since the beginning of spring and the relaxation of quarantine restrictions have directly affected the primary real estate market. The market has recovered, and despite the decrease in the total amount of commissioned new buildings, there is an increased demand for apartments.

According to experts, buildings under construction are sold more actively now. Such an increase in demand was noted by large developers with many years of experience. Due to the uncertain situation with the coronavirus, people mostly put their trust in proven developers and invest in new construction projects.

Trends in the real estate market

According to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, new buildings have risen in price by 3% compared to the last quarter of 2020. In terms of apartment types, there was an almost equal increase in prices for one-, two- and three-room apartments. Please find below a graph showing the dynamics of changes in the price index in the primary housing market in Ukraine over the past six years.

Graph 1. Dynamics of the price index for new buildings in Ukraine (data from the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine)

As for Ivano-Frankivsk, prices increased by 0.3% for one-room apartments, by 0.25% for two-room apartments and by 0.26% for three-room apartments. Experts explain this by inflation, which devalues the savings in accounts and encourages the use of a more reliable investment option, namely investing in real estate.

Graph 2. Dynamics of prices for new buildings in Ivano-Frankivsk (according to

In July, the real estate market stabilized somewhat and will hold steady until the end of summer. The experts expect changes in the autumn.


Will the prices rise in the autumn?

As it turned out, the real estate market is gradually recovering from quarantine and is gaining a stronger position in the country’s economy. The number of sold apartments is growing, developers are launching new construction projects. According to analysts of blago developer construction company, the primary real estate market is not under threat. Demand for apartments in new buildings has grown, will continue growing, and may even exceed supply at some point. Therefore, the developer predicts an increase in the cost of square meters and the rise in prices should be expected from September.

Prices will rise for all houses under construction. All previous years, construction materials and fuel became more expensive in the autumn, and this scenario is to be expected this year as well. Therefore, those who plan to buy a home, should draw up a contract before the end of the summer.

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