Owning a parking space is a good way to save money and time

Owning a parking space is a good way to save money and time

In large cities, motorists are increasingly experiencing parking problems. Ivano-Frankivsk, as a dynamically developing and growing city, is no exception. Despite its compactness and walking distance to the most remote areas, residents with cars often feel uncomfortable due to the lack of parking spaces.

Blago takes a responsible approach to the planning of residential complexes and cares about the comfort of residents throughout the city. The modern technology company solves parking issues at the design stage and builds residential complexes with spacious underground parking lots, modern garage boxes, and ground parking spaces for guests.

Underground parking is the most convenient option for the city.

What are the advantages of underground parking lots?

  1. High reliability. An underground parking lot is an engineering structure below ground level with a separate secure entrance/exit and limited access for unauthorized persons. Waterproofing, air conditioning, ventilation and fire extinguishing systems provide optimal microclimate and safe conditions for car storage. Rain or snow does not fall on the car, and it is not overheated by the hot sun. This guarantees the preservation of the color and appearance of the vehicle, extending its service life.
  2. Large space. The width of driveways, area and number of parking spaces are regulated by the following normative values of the DBN:
  • the size of a regular parking space is 2.5 m × 5.5 m = 13.75 square meters;
  • for temporary parking lots, the permissible dimensions of a parking space are 2.3 m × 5.0 m;
  • safety gaps may be increased up to 0.7 m;
  • minimum width of driveways: with two-way traffic – 6 m, with one-way traffic – 3.5 m. With such dimensions, it is convenient to enter and park any car.
  1. Maximum safety. All blago underground parking lots are equipped with video surveillance systems, and the entrance is protected by gates. This prevents unwanted guests from entering and protects your car from damage and theft.
  2. Comfort. You can get to the parking lot directly from your apartment by taking the elevator or going down the stairs. This significantly saves time and is very convenient for daily car use.
  3. It is a profitable investment. Today, buying a parking space is equivalent to buying an apartment or commercial space and is a good investment option.

Why is it beneficial to have your own parking space

Like any other real estate, the value of a parking space increases as the parking lot is ready. If you buy a parking space at the start of construction, you can save up to 30% of the final cost. And then you can benefit from it. How exactly?

  1. Sell the finished parking space.
  2. Rent it out on a monthly basis and receive regular income. For example, as of April 2023, the price of renting a parking space in Ivano-Frankivsk is about UAH 3000 per month. Over a year, this income can reach UAH 36,000 or more.
  3. Or the owner of the parking space can use it for their own needs, and if necessary, sell it profitably.

Where to buy a parking space in Ivano-Frankivsk

blago offers the largest selection of parking spaces in various locations:

Family Plaza – Kraikivskoho str.
Author’s – Sichovykh Striltsiv street
Main House – E. Konovalets str.
Manhattan – intersection of Lenkivskoho and Levytskoho streets.
Parus – H. Mazepa street.
Royal Hall – T. Shevchenko Street.
Parkova Alley residential area – Heroiv Mykolaivu Street.
You can find out about the available parking spaces and their cost in the blago sales department:

+38 (067) 761-28-35