Review of prices for comfort and business class apartments in Ivano-Frankivsk in August 2020

The real estate market is gradually reсovering. If the number of new agreements to purchase an apartment decreased significantly in March and April, the situation stabilized in the summer. Two factors have contributed to this, namely easing of epidemiological requirements and stability of real estate prices. In fact, quarantine did not reduce demand, but only postponed it.

Buyers are returning to real estate sales departments post-haste, so developers are already talking about getting back into the usual swing of work, but with different requirements for the infrastructure of residential complexes, the quality of construction, the apartment planning.

The blago developer’s analytical center analyzed whether the prices for comfort and business class apartments in Ivano-Frankivsk increased in August, and predicted what awaits the primary real estate market in the fall.

Business class

In early August, the cost per square meter for business class apartments increased slightly and starts from 15,500 UAH. Business class apartments at this price are offered in the Main House RC, the prices at Avtorskyi RC start from 16,000 UAH. Customers are offered a lower price for comfort-class apartments.

Comfort class

Comfort class real estate rose in price in August as well. The average cost in Ivano-Frankivsk is currently 11,411 UAH per square meter, but it was 11,324 UAH per square meter in June. For those who are looking for a comfort class apartment, there are great options in the new buildings of Comfort Park RC and Soborne RC. Here, the price of real estate starts from 10,700 UAH per sq.m.

According to experts, such prices will last until early autumn. We should expect them to increase later.

You can buy a comfort and business class apartment in Ivano-Frankivsk in the Manhattan district, residential complexes Comfort Park, Parkova Aleia, Avtorskyi, Main House, Chocolate and Family Plaza.