Microclimate of apartments in new housing development

Buyers’ requirements for housing change every year. If once the price of an apartment was of utmost importance for people, now comfort takes precedence. Everyone reads different meaning into this concept, but the climate in the apartment is a major point for everyone. Living conditions depend on temperature, humidity, and clean air. This is what developers take care of themselves in the initial stages of new housing development.

Apartment buildings have a natural exhaust ventilation system. This one is used the most widely. It includes a vertical collecting flue that has side splits. This ensures a constant supply of air into all the apartments. However, some construction companies have taken it a step further and install centralized air conditioning and ventilation systems. This allows to maintain a good microclimate in the apartments. Due to the constant operation of the system in the building, the air is not sluggish, there are no odors or high humidity.

It means that apartment owners never face problems like mold on the walls. Temperature control is important as well. The air conditioning system keeps the apartment warm in winter and cool in summer. It also does not allow rapid changes in temperature. In Ivano-Frankivsk, such ventilation systems are provided in new buildings by blago developer, in particular, in the elite complex Parus and Royal Hall.

It is important to remember that the microclimate of the apartment is not affected by ventilation only. This is a comprehensive process.

The materials used by the developer are crucial. If the walls let the cold through easily and do not trap heat inside the room, the ventilation system will have no effect. It makes sense to choose an apartment in houses with the outer walls made of ceramic blocks. This material has low thermal conductivity. It is caused by cells that have a flowed surface and closed space. The thermal conductivity of bricks is 0.56-0.95, but this figure is at least twice as good for ceramic blocks – 0.23 W/mK.

In addition, only natural ingredients are used in the manufacture of ceramic blocks, and therefore, they are environmentally friendly.

Windows and doors play an equally significant role. Developers use panoramic windows to provide more natural light and heat in an apartment. For example, the blago developer company chose the window system MASTERLINE 8-HI from Reynaers Aluminum for the Parus complex. These windows are equipped with high-quality fittings and energy-saving triple-pane windows filled with argon for greater heat isolation. They can let maximal amount of daylight into the room without compromising comfort. This has a positive influence on the well-being of residents.

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