Five tips on how to quickly choose the apartment of your dreams

Five tips on how to quickly choose the apartment of your dreams

Among the great variety of apartments and cottages as well as numerous advantageous offers from different developers, it can be difficult to decide on the ideal housing. To help you choose the apartment of your dreams, the experts of the blago developer analytical center have prepared several criteria, based on which your choice will be successful.


  1. Evaluate you budget.

Depending on the available funds, it is necessary to determine which apartment is needed: a cottage or an apartment. Cottages are usually chosen by well-off people, as well as those who value personal space and freedom. When choosing an apartment, you should further determine whether it will be a new building or an older one.

Experts advise to buy an apartment in a new building. First, such a house will stand for a long time, and there will be no problems with the replacement of communications. Second, it is possible to make a renovation and equip the apartment according to your preferences. In addition, some RCs offer a free planning. For example, in the Family Plaza residential complex, you can order individual planning from blago developer.

  1. Deсide on the area of the future apartment.

This decision depends on two factors: the available budget and the size of the family. It also makes sense to consider the prospects for its expansion and the age of children. If there are small children in the family, sooner or later they will grow up and move into their own homes.

  1. Choose the developer.

It is clear that you should choose a proven reliable company with many years of experience and excellent reputation. You can get information about any of the developers from various sources, e.g., news, social networks, customer reviews, and you can ask for recommendations from friends and acquaintances. Note that the leader in the real estate market of Ivano-Frankivsk is blago developer company, which builds quality modern housing and has the best reviews.

  1. Choose the location.

The most popular residential areas today are the central part of the city and neighborhoods adjacent to green areas, parks and ponds, as well as those having transport links to areas where most offices, business, educational and commercial infrastructure are concentrated.

  1. Review the adjacent territory and availability of parking.

When choosing your future home, you should pay attention to the yard of the future residential complex. Nowadays, sports and children’s playgrounds, benches and recreation areas are an integral part of any residential area. And, of course, the parking space is also important, e.g., garage, parking lot or parking space near the house.

Choosing a dream apartment is not an easy task, but it is a pleasant one. In this matter, you can be guided by your own preferences, or you can use the advice of experienced blago developer sales managers. They know the real estate market inside out, know all the trends and features, so their competence can help you choose the best apartment.

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