Fast pace of construction is a key advantage of blago

Fast pace of construction is a key advantage of blago

The pace of construction is the most important issue for all real estate buyers at the start of construction. When buying such an apartment, customers worry about whether the new building will be completed on time, whether the facility will be frozen, whether the quality will meet the requirements of the DBN, and whether the area on the plan and the actual area of the apartment will match.

blago is a tech company that boasts fast construction rates, technology, innovation, unique architecture and style, and the infrastructure it creates. As a proof, we offer to review how construction has developed over the past, albeit very difficult, year. Because blago means building against all odds!

The modern Manhattan neighborhood

“Manhattan is designed in accordance with the latest global trends. Its main goal is to provide residents with maximum comfort through a well-planned infrastructure, comfortable adjacent territory, security system and high-quality construction technologies.

It is more than just a residential complex. It is a community of people who share the same values and desire to live comfortably and safely. We continue to actively create a neighborhood where you can enjoy the beauty of nature, peace and comfort of your own apartment.

With each stage, we are getting closer to 100% readiness. And the dynamics of construction indicates a high pace.

Manhattan UP, the largest residential area in Ivano-Frankivsk

“Manhattan UP is a unique project that has never been built in Ivano-Frankivsk before. Cascade construction, 6 large blocks with green landscaped courtyards, complete infrastructure, underground parking, and modern technological solutions are the key components of the Manhattan UP concept. The implementation of each of these areas will create housing of a new level. To create a living space of the future that is not limited by walls, and the possibilities are endless.

The Manhattan UP residential area continues to grow. Every month, the sections of the first quarter are getting higher and you can already appreciate the views from the upper floors.

Family Plaza residential complex

“Family Plaza is a modern residential complex with a focus on the individual.

The concept of the complex is centered on the individuality of its residents – individuals with different preferences, needs, and lifestyles. They are all different in age and interests and therefore need their own space. This is the only residential complex that takes into account the needs of different families.

Family Plaza is an example of consistent construction of a large-scale residential complex. Since the beginning of the project, work has not stopped in any section. And the proper provision of resources and organization of processes at construction sites provide us with the desired results.

Business class complex “A5”

A5 is a modern business class residential complex being built in the central part of the city. Apartments in A5 have optimal layouts for the rational use of every square meter. The adjacent territory includes modern children’s and sports grounds, a closed landscaped courtyard and underground parking.

The developed infrastructure around the complex makes it possible to plan your working and personal time. The housing here is ideal for those who want to live actively and boldly, successfully organize working days and find time for recreation.

Construction of the A5 business class residential complex continues at a steady pace and consistency.

Business class residential complex “IQ House”

“IQ House is a new business class real estate opposite the central building of the National Technical University of Oil and Gas. 300 modern apartments for your own space, successful time planning and positive impressions. In the IQ House we create rational solutions for smart living: stylish architecture, stroller and storage rooms, an open courtyard with landscaping, ground floor commerce, and a futuristic playground.

Whatever happens, the blago team continues to build all sections of the IQ House.

Residential complex “U ONE”

“U ONE is a residential complex in the Positron district. The concept of U ONE envisages the construction of a multi-storey block-type building with the right household solutions. Private enclosed courtyard, playground, landscaping, garages, panoramic glazing, 2 staircases and 2 elevators in each entrance, well-thought-out layouts, security and safety systems – all this will ensure daily comfort and enjoyment of staying at home. And the remote location from the highway will protect residents from noise and air pollution.

The construction dynamics of the complex is noticeable in just a month.

Residential complex “Union”

“Union is a comfort-class residential complex in the city center, which will consist of four buildings, three of which will be connected by one large retail space. The idea of the complex is to create comfortable, modern and affordable housing in the center of Ivano-Frankivsk. On time, with high quality and in accordance with the project – this is how the construction of the Union residential complex is going on. Since the beginning of its implementation, work on the construction site has not stopped, but has only gained momentum.

We continue to pursue our goal of implementing modern residential complexes for a comfortable and cozy life in Ivano-Frankivsk. We are focused on the result and continue to create modern space for our residents to enjoy their lives without slowing down.