Development of the Pasichna neighborhood: why it is becoming a city within a city and how the European experience can influence it

Development of the Pasichna neighborhood: why it is becoming a city within a city and how the European experience can influence it

Every resident of Ivano-Frankivsk knows about Pasichna, and many have heard a fascinating story about the neighborhood at least once from a friend who visited it for the first time or from someone who has lived there all their lives. And often, all the conversations boil down to the fact that Pasichna has something to surprise and memorable.

We will talk about the development aspect of this neighborhood and its formation as a city within a city.

The first factor in this is the improvement of infrastructure. Residential complexes, commercial premises, and social and cultural facilities (schools, kindergartens, sports grounds, etc.) are being actively built in the area.

In recent years, the housing stock of Pasichna has grown significantly, and developers are trying to create complexes that will be not just sleeping places, but a comfortable environment for living. The architecture of the neighborhood is completely different and this is what makes it interesting; old houses also set their own charm to the streets.

Taking into account the transportation, the neighborhood has a well-developed public transport line that allows you to get to the center of Ivano-Frankivsk and other parts of the city (buses: 22, 25, 26A, 29, 32, 33, 38, 39, 44; trolleybuses: 3, 4, 6).

Pasichna has a bus exit to Lviv (Halych, Rohatyn) and Zakarpattia (Kalush, Rozhnyativ, Dolyna). Exit to suburban recreation areas.

An important point is that there are more and more options for leisure in this neighborhood. This includes the additional creation or improvement of green areas, parks, squares, as well as the allocation of places for entertainment, sports and recreation. Small and large entrepreneurs are increasingly investing in the area, opening restaurants and sports clubs.

From here, you don’t have to go downtown to sit in a coffee shop or go in for sports. This stimulates an active lifestyle and helps to form a community.

Going shopping with the whole family or going to the most delicious bakery in the area will not be a problem here either, because the network of supermarkets, grocery stores and shopping centers is diverse and there is a market.

The area attracts investors and opens up new opportunities for convenient shopping. For example, last year we opened the MENS shopping center, a new format shopping center that offers everything for interior decoration. JYSK, one of the stores of the famous Danish household goods chain, is now part of it. People come there from all over the city to find something interesting for their homes.

Those who live in the area also enjoy the opportunity to go in for sports, as in addition to the gyms of well-known Frankivsk chains, there is the URAGAN Academy Complex.

What about nature and eco-recreation? In the Pasichna neighborhood, locals enjoy recreational areas such as the German Lake and the Bystrytsia Nadvirna River Embankment. They are great places for quiet promenades and watching beautiful sunsets.

The Pervotsvit park, known to the locals, has become a kind of center for outdoor sports. This year, a sports and playground was restored there, where both adults and children can play football, volleyball or table tennis.

As for educational facilities, Pasichna has the following schools: Ukrainian gymnasium No. 1, lyceums No. 18 and No. 24;
kindergartens: Vinochok, kindergarten No. 6, Nezabudka, Vyshyvanka.

Parents also have the opportunity to enroll their children in a private kindergarten or school, which are actively opening in the area. And for the leisure of younger children, there is a development and leisure center “Dyvohrai”.

But the development of Pasichna does not stop there; one of the factors that can influence the improvement of the neighborhood is the adoption of European experience.

In Europe, there are many examples of successful urban development, including suburbs, where the principles of sustainable development, rational use of land resources, architectural standards, and quality of life for each resident are taken into account.

The European experience can serve as a source of inspiration and learning for the development of concepts for the further development of Pasichna.

It is also advisable to create a development plan, taking into account ergonomics and aesthetic aspects that can contribute to creating a comfortable environment for residents.

This is the example we used to design the Comfort Park residential complex, which is located in this neighborhood.


Currently, construction work is underway, and there are sections that have already been commissioned and have become home to many families. Gradually, the residential complex is transforming into a holistic space for comfortable living with convenient infrastructure of the neighborhood surrounding it.

In general, the development of the Pasichna neighborhood and its formation as a city within a city includes various aspects. They all contribute to improving the quality of life of residents, attracting investment, and creating a comfortable and functional environment. And the residential complexes built by developers should become its successful component.