What not to be afraid of when buying an apartment under construction

What not to be afraid of when buying an apartment under construction

Buying an apartment during the construction phase is a profitable trend, as such real estate can be much cheaper. According to statistics, 40% of investors invest at the excavation stage. For example, in Ivano-Frankivsk, you can buy an apartment at the start of construction in Manhattan Up by blago developer. This is the largest district, which will consist of 6 unique neighborhoods. So, why is it more profitable to buy an apartment at the start of construction and why you should not be afraid of such deals, let’s analyze the example of this residential complex.

The new building will become a long-term construction project or the delivery of the house will be delayed

Before investing in real estate, it is important to choose a reliable developer. The blago developer company delivers all projects on time and fulfills its obligations according to the planned deadlines. You can view the status of construction on the official website in the appropriate tab or on the company’s social networks.

The developer takes responsibility for its obligations and is transparent about its activities. Therefore, you should not worry that the object will be frozen and you will lose your savings.

Loss of money because housing will become cheaper

It is important to understand why you are buying an apartment. Some people plan to live in it for life, while others plan to sell it and buy something more spacious. And someone has considerable savings and decided to keep them or even double them in this way. An investor who buys a home can expect an average yield of 30%, which is standard for new buildings. It is most profitable to buy apartments at the start of construction, because prices are always the lowest at the beginning of sales. Therefore, you will not only not lose your own money, but also make money on your own real estate.

For example, the cost of 1 square meter of Manhattan Up in August 2022 was UAH 20,400, and in January 2023 it reached UAH 24,800, i.e. the price increased by 21.57% in 4 months. Given the dynamics, we should expect a gradual rise in the price of square meters until the construction is fully completed.

Mismatch between visualization and the finished project

All of our residential complexes are built in compliance with the State Building Standards. After construction is completed, quality engineers accept the work. They also check for permissible deviations and compliance with project documents. Therefore, residential complexes always correspond to the visualizations and reproduce the pre-sale pictures as closely as possible.

A new building will appear in front of the windows, blocking the view

When choosing a project, you should be guided not only by the price, but also take into account the totality of its quality characteristics. The new building should be located in areas of Ivano-Frankivsk that are popular with buyers, and a good transportation interchange is also desirable. You should also pay attention to the nearby infrastructure and the presence of other high-rise buildings. Of course, the developer cannot guarantee that another construction company will not buy the land nearby and build a residential complex there. But you can ask the manager about this issue. And the houses in Manhattan Up will have an ergonomic layout. Thanks to this, the courtyard and each apartment are provided with the optimal amount of natural light.

Will it be possible to register ownership during martial law?

You don’t have to worry about the paperwork. We take care of it for you. All transactions are official and are carried out on the basis of a purchase and sale agreement. In addition, since May last year, the State Register of Real Property Rights has been in operation, where you can register your ownership and check the validity of already registered documents.

As you can see, buying an apartment is a responsible business and requires a careful approach. However, there are no risks if you have a specialist to help you with this matter. Therefore, we recommend that you contact only trusted construction companies with many years of experience.