We announce the launch of a new residential complex – SKYGARDEN

We announce the launch of a new residential complex – SKYGARDEN

We are pleased to announce the start of construction of a new project by blago. Due to the full-scale war that Russia has started in Ukraine, the issue of housing has become of paramount importance. Especially when it comes to one of the safest regions – Ivano-Frankivsk. There are more and more people who want to buy an apartment here, and the existing housing stock may not cover the growing demand. In order to provide housing for everyone who needs it, our company is implementing new residential complexes.

The SKYGARDEN residential complex will be built in the Maisli neighborhood on Khryplynska Street, next to the bridge over the railway tracks. The project concept envisages the creation of a “living” residential complex with its own full-fledged infrastructure and the largest area of landscaping. For this purpose, our company chose the territory of the former industrial zone near the city center.

Why SKYGARDEN? The architectural composition of the residential complex provides for a cascading number of storeys with the highest buildings in Ivano-Frankivsk – 19 floors. Each section will have a different coloristic design, and the facade will be decorated with vertical landscaping, creating a feeling of being constantly close to nature. The apartments on the ground floors and penthouses will have their own green terraces. According to the project, the total area of landscaping will be 2.6 hectares with green areas, landscaping, and multifunctional recreation areas. The absence of close buildings and a large green space will create a feeling of freshness and freedom.

The lake is another feature of the SKYGARDEN complex. The own ennobled lake will become an aesthetic addition to the eco-space, which will be successfully integrated into the apartment complex.

SKYGARDEN will also have other advantages:

Yard without cars;
Rooftop fuel stations;
Energy-efficient construction technologies;
View apartments with panoramic windows;
Semi-underground parking for 600 parking spaces;
Noise protection from the track;
Two high-speed elevators in each entrance;
The building area is only 20% of the total area;
Multifunctional recreation areas;
Transport interchange;
Shopping center with an area of 3.5 thousand square meters on the territory of the residential complex with parking for visitors;
Proximity to Lyceum №15, kindergarten “Hutsulochka” and the largest shopping centers of the city;
Only 4 minutes to the center (by car).

SKYGARDEN is a residential complex in the rhythm of the future.

The pre-sale of apartments is already open and we offer the lowest prices and the largest selection of layouts for the first buyers.

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