7 rules of a successful apartment purchase, or what to look for when choosing a home in a new building

7 rules of a successful apartment purchase, or what to look for when choosing a home in a new building

Sooner or later, everyone experiences a moment in their life, when the desire to arrange one’s own life and live separately grows into a need and motivates one to look for one’s own home.

Of course, some are satisfied with renting an apartment, but this arrangement can not last indefinitely. After all, no matter how hard you try to improve your comfort, rented housing will still remain someone else’s, and the money spent on paying the landlord is a lost investment in the future of you and your children. You can ensure real coziness and comfort for yourself and your family by buying your own home.

Experts of the blago developer analytical center studied the preferences of people and identified seven main criteria that should be considered when choosing housing in a new building.

When choosing the location of your future home, do not forget that an apartment is primarily your comfort zone. This is the place where you will always look for shelter from the daily hustle and bustle, problems at work, and other squalls of life.

That is why it is particularly important to have green areas, parks, and water bodies next to your future home, since they can brighten up the gray days and inspire new accomplishments.

After all, the view from the window also plays not the last role. It would be great, if it is not the gray walls of the neighboring Khrushchev-era house, but let’s say, a river or lake or distant mountain peaks on the horizon.

At the same time, if possible, the residential complex with your new apartment should be located close enough to the business and cultural center of the city either within walking distance or in an area with developed transport connection to the city center.


  1. Construction type

There are three main construction types in the construction practice:

  • precast panel construction;
  • brick construction;
  • cast-in-place concrete frame technology.

Precast panel construction is a technology of the last decades of the 20th century. Its main advantage is the high speed of construction because the finished elements of the house are brought directly from the factory. This is also a relatively cheap technology using which allows to significantly reduce the cost of an apartment.

Brick construction is the oldest technology used up till now. Experts note its considerable labor intensity and complexity. Construction of modern houses in this way requires considerable professionalism of builders. Among the advantages of this type of construction, there are energy efficiency, comfortable microclimate, good sound insulation, and reliability.

However, the most modern and widespread technology among builders is a cast-in-place concrete frame technology. This is a fairly reliable type of construction, which allows combining the advantages of the above types, namely high energy efficiency, soundproofing as well as the variability of planning decisions.

Experts believe that provided that the requirements for quality, environmental friendliness and safety are met, each of the above types is acceptable, but advise to pay attention to the details and quality indicators of materials used for construction.

  1. Infrastructure level

One of the important factors that significantly influence the choice of quality housing is the level of infrastructure development.

It pertains not only a convenient transport connection of the microistrict, where the residential complex is located, with the central part of the city and other areas. After the quarantine 2020, people started paying more attention to the development of internal infrastructure. Buyers today prefer housing built according to the Live. Work. Play philosophy, where all the necessary infrastructure (education, entertainment, recreation, and shopping) is concentrated if not within the residential complex itself, then at least within walking distance from it.

This means fully equipped modern sports- and playgrounds, parking lots and garages, recreation areas, shops, cafes, restaurants and clubs, schools and kindergartens.

  1. The developer’s reputation

Would you buy an expensive thing from an unknown seller? Of course not. One can never tell whether the seller is a swindler, and whether he sold you a faulty thing at a price of the high-quality one.

The same goes for the real estate market. The best guarantee that you will buy a comfortable, nice, high-quality apartment is a good reputation of the developer. It is a common fact that reputation is gained by many years of work in the market, the number of timely commissioned buildings, their quality, as well as the absence of problematic facilities, lawsuits, and other scandals.

As a side note, blago developer has been working in the construction market for over 18 years. During this time, over 1,300 families have already purchased their own homes. Currently, twelve residential complexes are being built in Ivano-Frankivsk, and there are some new projects underway with the construction scheduled to begin in 2021-2022.

  1. Additional services from the developer

Comfort and safety are achieved not only by the strength of walls, doors, and sound and heat insulation of the apartment. Additional services offered to buyers by the developer play a major role as well.

After all, it is not enough to build a house. Today, the question of who will manage such a house, namely ensure the proper and coordinated operation of building systems, the safety of residents, etc. is also of fundamental importance. Nowadays, people prefer residential complexes with reliable security and video surveillance in the yard, parking lot, and stairwells.

The innovative technical solution that will be applied in the modern residential complex Manhattan UP is particularly interesting in this regard, and its installation was recently started by blago developer. A unique cutting-edge system of limited access to the entrance, yard, parking called Bas-IP is used for the convenience of residents there. One can control the system both from home and from a smartphone.

  1. Planning and large variability of areas and types of apartments

The variability of areas and types of apartments along with the use of modern construction technologies is an important factor that indicates how the developer is able to keep up with the times, to meet the latest demands of the population for high-quality comfortable housing.

Modern Ukrainians strive for individuality in everything, so the variability of planning decisions becomes crucial. For the first time in Ivano-Frankivsk, an opportunity to choose an apartment according to the type of their family is offered to buyers in the Family Plaza residential complex from blago developer. That is, you can not only choose between one-, two- or three-room apartments, but choose the optimal space for your family.

Today, experts identify four types of apartments: economy, comfort, business and luxury. Economy class apartments are relatively low priced and small in size. Most of them are one-room apartments (up to 30 square meters) or possibly two- and even three-room small apartments with small kitchens and bathrooms that are located on the outskirts of the city. Houses of this class are commissioned with the apartments in shell and core condition and a standard adjacent territory with a small number of parking spaces.

Comfort-class apartments are a bit more expensive, with improved standard planning and the possibility of redevelopment. Most of them are two-room apartments (although there are some one- and three-room apartments) with a kitchen of at least 8 square meters. The adjacent territory is usually standard and equipped with playgrounds, sometimes parking lots.

Business-class apartments are mostly located in the business center of the city and usually have an individual design plan. The area varies from 40 square meters in one-room studio apartments to 150 square meters in 4-5-room apartments. Typical features of such buildings include underground parking at the rate of one parking space per apartment, closed area, security, outdoor video surveillance.

Luxury houses are usually located in ecologically clean green areas, on the shores of lakes and rivers, contain bright spacious apartments with an area of ​​at least 120 square meters. Apartments in such buildings are usually sold without decoration, as residents often prefer designer solutions. The number of parking spaces usually exceeds the number of apartments. The adjacent territory is closed and guarded around the clock.

Experts from the blago developer analytical center have found that most residents of our city currently choose one- and two-room business-class apartments in the central part of Ivano-Frankivsk or two- and three-room comfort apartments in the bedroom suburbs.


  1. Energy saving and insulation of facades

An important factor which is bound to influence the choice of future housing is the issue of energy efficiency of the house. After all, both the comfort of living in such an apartment and the family budget depend on how well the facade of the building is insulated, how energy efficient the double-glazed windows are, etc.

Today, Ukrainian legislation provides for six classes of energy efficiency of buildings: A, B, C, D, E, and F. They are determined based on the difference in the percentage of estimated or actual value of specific heat consumption in comparison to the maximum allowable heat consumption of residential and public buildings. Class A is the best energy efficiency class, while F is the worst.

Based on this gradation, the commissioned houses receive the appropriate energy efficiency certificates. For example, the Class B energy efficiency certificate has already been awarded to the Main House residential complex by blago developer. The houses of the large-scale modern district Manhattan UP will have similar energy efficiency.

Summing up, we’d like to note that blago developer currently builds apartments of all types in different locations of Ivano-Frankivsk, and they all meet the requirements for high-quality housing.


High-quality comfortable housing from the company is currently available for purchase in the residential complexes Family Plaza, Mistechko Soborne, Comfort Park, Chocolate, Main House, Avtorskyi, Manhattan, Parkova Aleia, luxury complexes Parus and Royal Hall as well as the cottage estate Franko River Club.